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April 01, 2008


Sam Sammurai

the Judge and us attorney Joseph mc mahon are co-criminals for allowing New century to be a debtor in posession on other peoples money without accounting from the biggest financial crminals in this century.

Sam Sammurai

we wrote to joseph mcmahon to stop this bankruptcy for financial fraud especially when we found out that Judge Godbey in Texas cv03:03-257 rendered them financial rminals three days bfore they altered their name and registered in CALIFORNIA; and when Californa State Commissioner caught on to their fraud and accused them of never complying with a single governig financial rule and a danger to society they filed bankruptcy in the corp friendly delaware, and the judge despite being told that they were financia crminals allowed them and their cronies to become their own debtors in posession from which hey swindled billions, and us amongst them without accounting, when we sued them the BK court said we were outside their jurisdiction when hey stole a dozen of our properties with the help of FATCO and Fidelity giving cover the judges said we cannot sue them because of their bankruptcy from which they had conealed the theft of our assets. So without money we cannot fight them, andthe money is with the DE BK debtors in posession you guessed it new Century who is riher than they were in business, because now they own OPM witout oversight or regulation and the US trustees office Joseph Mc Mahon and the BK judge wink and nod at the conversion of the citizenry of United States money rendering millions if not more homeless and whithout retrirement funds.
Written but not proofed!

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