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November 21, 2008


Mike Stover

Sounds like the Mo Mod that I have been seeing on the internet. I hope Sheila Bair and the FDIC will take some action, and use sound approaches to solve this solution. I been seeing everything about Smithfield Wainwright when concerning the Mo Mod

Sam Easley

I have a second mortgage - 30 year note on a condo that is now rental property - the LTV must be 100% or more at this point. This loan is with Citi. Is it eligible for the Mod in a box deal that the FDIC is using at Indy and now at Citi?


Loan modification mortgage is a process whereby a home owner's mortgage is modified and both the lender and homeowner are bound by the new terms of the new mortgage. The most common loan modifications are listed below:

lowering the mortgage interest rate
reducing the mortgage principal balance
fixing adjustable interest rates within the mortgage
increasing the loan term throughout the mortgage
forgiveness of payment defaults and fees
or any combination of the above

Check out this Public site at http://LOANMODIFICATIONMORTGAGE.ORG

Brett Adams

Who knows what's going to happen. Here in Miami people who need to sell their house have few options since they are under water. Or they are in complete denial that their house is worth less than half of what they owe on it. If you bought in the last 5 years and didn't put a large amount of money down, you're stuck. Most people are starting to figure out that the banks can't or won't help them and they feel helpless.

Melba Solis

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Nancy Carlson

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Reene Bolton

Do You Qualify?

1. Do you live in the home?
2. Is your current loan amount within the Fannie Mae conforming limits ($625,500 in high cost areas
and for other areas it is $417,000)
3. Are your current house payments more than 31% of your gross income?(Loan modification kits can
help with all financial calculation your lender may want to see)
4. Are you must be able to prove you have current income?
5. Do you currently have a job?



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