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April 16, 2010


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I just read you post, I never know that it was Dismissed. Thanks for the info anyway. :)

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During financial crisis investors of all types are recognizing massive losses and being forced to liquidate these securities at significant losses.

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Agreed. Some folks use push/pull, and some of this comes from the "permission markeitng" concept from Seth Godin from about a decade ago. I also agree with you that social media and the ability to have a conversation (like this one) change the game. So maybe we need a new term?

You have some good points, and the best one might be that I prefer to debate less and do more marketing! If you are ever in Boston, look me up and I'll give you a tour of the HubSpot offices and buy you a coffee.

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Wow, that is pretty sad. Smoke and mirrors again. Thx god there are bailouts everyday now.

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How can they be dismissed??? Somebody needs to raid their offices!!!

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This portion of the article is worth making careful note of:

However, because the dismissal was based on the defendant shareholders failure to make a pre-suit demand on the board of directors to file a suit against the company's management, the case may not give much solace to other directors and officers.

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These AIG lawsuits are jokes. I mean we have 8 million households with out a job and 2 millions homes forclosed and the economy was brought to its knees and yet we fail to send those people to jail? How come everyone gets a fine and walks again to do the same?


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